Imported Plywood

As one of the largest importers of Brazilian Plywood, we have the capacity to handle any needs of our customers in a timely manner. Supporting our distribution network across the U.S.,  from the North East to the South East, from California to Texas, we stock all your primary needs for the building trades such as Rated Sheathing, Underlayments, Sanded Products, Concrete Forming Products

Domestic Plywood

Cut from the forest of the Pacific Northwest and the U.S. South, these traditional species of plywoods offer the strength and reliability builders want. From sheathing products to sanded grades, from rail cars to trucks loads, we are able to support the industry’s needs.

Sanded Plywood

With our consistent supply through our vast distribution network, we are committed to supplying our customers with a variety of grades of sanded plywood. This network includes our managed inventories at ports of entry across the country, our strategically located distribution centers, and direct shipments from our domestic partners.


Oriented Strand Board, a staple in today’s construction, is supplied around the country. Whether we supply through our distribution yards or shipped directly from any number of manufacturers, we are able to deliver the right grade of material our customers are looking for. With a commitment to supply OSB to our customers, we have an ample inventory available through our distribution system and we have the relationships service any direct needs.

Concrete Form

Considered to be an ideal product for concrete forming, plywood offers the flexibility needed and is the cost-effective option. We have a consistent supply in BBOES, CCOES, HDO, and MDO.


For your concrete forming needs, we offer both HDO and MDO panels. These multi-pour products are made to handle the demanding needs for such rigorous applications and offer the desired finish required for your projects.


MDF is manufactured with fine wood particles combined with wax and a resin binder, pressed together under high heat and pressure. The outcome is a very smooth panel ideal for painting. And because of its workability, it is used in a variety of applications like furniture and cabinet construction, doors, molding and shelving.

Marine Grade

Our Marine Grade offerings include BOAT PANEL and PLYDEK brands, available in Raw or Pressure-Treated.  These products are engineered and manufactured to exceed the performance criteria for a multitude of complex marine applications.