Wood Fuel Blocks & Bricks

Enjoy a cleaner, greener and a more efficient way to warm your home.  These products are easy to store, with little mess, and burn long with superior heating efficiency

Red Stone

Energy Logs

Made of natural wood shavings, Energy Logs are another energy efficient and green option to warm your home.  Safe to use in your fireplace, stove or even an open fire, these products produce more heat, burn longer, releasing less harmful emissions into your home and environment.

EZ Burn

Wood Pellet Fuels

Wood Pellets are renewable, sustainable and a carbon neutral source of energy. These products are made with 100% wood fiber, and are a cost effective option to warm your home.

Still River
North American
Southern Indiana
Magic Spark

Kiln Dried Firewood & Kindling

Clean and consistent with our kiln dried firewood and kindling options.  Our products are produced in consistent length and width giving you the perfect size log. Kiln drying kills any insects and will ensure a consistent flame and comfort. Relax and enjoy the crackling sound of a cozy fire.

West End